Physical Signs Of Lung Cancer Every Woman Should Know!

It’s a registered fact that doctors help us understand a lot about of our body but no one can ever know about our bodies than us. Before you are diagnosed with any disease, you will know it first by feeling off. The point here is that there are so many health issues we all can identify if we just know their symptoms. Instead of going to the doctor, we can treat them at home as well.  Lung cancer, in particular, kills more women a year than any other form of cancer, but few women are aware of all the symptoms, particularly those specific to their gender. Keep reading to find out more about the subtle signs of lung cancer.

Shortness of Breath

To tell, shortness of breath is an early sign of every form of lung cancer. We feel sensation and excitement about ourselves after workouts when we lose our breath. But if you are facing shortness of breath as you wake up or get out of your in morning, this is a serious sign of a respiratory issue.

Feeling of Fatigue

The feeling of fatigue is an indication of various diseases but if you’re feeling exhausted in a way that goes past the irritability of a sleepless night, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. When it comes to the cause of fatigue, it happens when your body uses spare energy to heal you.

Constant Coughing

If you catch a cough that gets worse with time, you must be heading for a proper checkup. When human body’s respiratory system has some issues, it results in various forms and coughing is one of them. Furthermore, constant coughing is a subtle sign of lung cancer and it helps you detect the problem and treat it immediately.

 Back and Shoulder Pain

Normally, we don’t associate back pain with lung cancer but for women, sharp aches and pain indicate something seriously wrong. This is because women are more prone to some forms of lung cancer. There are tumors developed in the layers of lungs and they put pressure ribs and spine causing back pain.

Horse Voice

We normally associate a hoarse voice with a smoking habit, but in some cases, sudden hoarseness might be a symptom of spreading cancer. Cancer in your respiratory tract might cause your vocal cords to become irritated and inflamed, and make your voice hoarse or scratchy. If hoarseness in your throat persists three or more weeks, it’s time to have your throat and lungs checked.

Weight Loss

If you suddenly find you’re losing weight without trying, and you’re losing it fast, it may be a cause for concern. When your body is in discomfort, you might burn your fat stores and have less of an appetite for building new ones.

Trouble Swallowing

When there is some infection like swelling and inflammation in your respiratory tract, it’s really hard to swallow anything. A little soreness is fine but if you consistently have trouble choking down food or water, you may need to consider what’s causing your throat to swell.

Chest Pain

As we noted earlier, adenocarcinomas sometimes have slightly different symptoms than other forms of lung cancer. They can cause chest pain the same way they cause back pain, and they also may lead to pleural effusion, a painful condition where the lining of the lungs becomes inflamed.